About me

My name is Giusy de Gori and I live in Rome, Italy. I’ve been studying the discipline of colour analysis and style since 2002, and then I finally created my brand Armocromia & Stile Giusy de Gori® in 2021.

I’ve been thoroughly studying and reviewing these two disciplines with the goal of helping and supporting anyone into this journey of self-transformation. My method goes beyond looking at one’s body shape and testing colour palettes: every consultation with me is personalised and tailored to individual needs.

I have many passions, including niche perfumes and astrology: both of them are a big part of me. In my methodology, they both have a strong correlation with style and colour analysis.

I also created Astrocromia® because of this, a discipline that includes all of these subjects by digging deeper into your soul, going way beyond the study of colours and star signs.
My competence and professionalism in the field have contributed to creating a network within a high-end clientele, to whom I’ve been offering luxury services for a long time.

My method

In order to get a 360° consultation, we will start with the colour analysis; whereas, in regard to the style analysis, we will look into the Yin and Yang components as well as your body and face shape. By blending together these disciplines, I created Armocromia & Stile.
By accepting our own image, and enhancing our own physical features and colours, it is useful to appreciate ourselves more and rediscover beautiful parts of ourselves that we were unaware of because of external societal pressure.

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